100 Great Sex Games For Couples

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These are fun and exciting games to FIRE UP and SPICE UP your SEX LIFE!

Even the most passionately fired up intimate relationships can lessen in intensity over time, familiarity, and even just the stress of daily life with all its responsibilities. Often as the feelings of love and friendship deepen between a couple, the heat of passion tends to settle into a safe, though somewhat dull, routine.

The makings of the fire are still there of course, the desire, caring and attraction, but the spark is needed to set it all ablaze. Even the most raging fire starts with a spark and that is the whole premise behind “100 Great Sex Games For Couples”! These sex games are all about fun! Fun in the bedroom, fun in your relationship and a celebration of letting loose and enjoying each other.

Image result for cartoon images of couples having fun in bedThese gImage result for images of couples laughing in bedreat sex games encourage prolonged foreplay which totally intensifies orgasm and brings couples back to the reminiscent surging passion of their dating days or honeymoon night.

Michael Webb is the Love Guru who created this fun filled phenomenon so let’s see what he has to say…Image result for images of couples laughing in bed

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Dear Friend,
Let’s face it, you’re here because you want to fire up your sex life. You’ve been a couple for years and realize that sex games might be a great way to enjoy more sex, have fun and feel closer as a result.
Of course you may feel like sex games are a little strange or “not quite your thing”, but realize that they’re definitely worth a shot. Why? Because the prolonged foreplay that is encouraged by sex games, actually intensifies your orgasms!

And perhaps you’ve bought several sex “game” books before and were disappointed with their boring common games.
And that’s the BIGGEST problem…
Most Sex Game Books and

Websites are Garbage!
If you’ve ever tried finding information on sex games or ever bought a sex “game” book yourself , then you know they’re all filled with the same rehashed games.
Take a bath together, drink champagne, have fun with food, truth or dare, blah blah blah…

Quite frankly, you don’t need any book to tell you about these games!
These games might be nice for newlyweds getting to know each other but for couples in long-term relationships, like yourself, they’re WORTHLESS!(Because, you’ve already done most of the games in these books during sex anyway!)
Bottom line: there’s almost zero quality sex games for you and your lover.
And That’s Where I Come In…
My name is Michael Webb and after realizing there was really nothing for married couples that genuinely wanted to spice things up with some sex games, I decided to do a little investigating myself.
So I went on a hunt to find the best of the best.

I’ve spent several weeks researching a dozen books and magazines, to separate the gold from the garbage. And have included many of my own games to the mix.
So now instead of spending weeks of anger and frustration, shoveling through boring games that are only good for new couples, you can save time and money and enjoy games that are specifically crafted for couples that have been together for years, like you.

And you’ll find all of this and more in my new product called:
100 Sex Games For Couples
First of all, here’s what you WON’T find in 100 sex games!
These games are…
  • NOT the same old games you find everywhere else!
  • NOT difficult or complicated to prepare!
  • NOT immoral or degrading to your relationship!
In fact, I know you’ve NEVER heard of dozens of these sex games before. How? Because I’ve invented many of them myself. 😀

And while I won’t promise that every game will be perfect for you, if you find just one game out of the 100 games that you enjoy, this will have a profound effect on your marriage or relationship.
And best of all, many games require no preparation at all!

Luckily, for the games that require a little prepping, you’ll find most things you need within 2 minutes right in your own home.
Things like: deck of cards, dice, the television, fabric for blindfolds, a chess board, poker chips, pen and paper, DVDs, various foods, events on TV, dart board, CD players and much much more…
And while there are several games that use basic things like massage and guessing, they put such a unique spin on these games, they feel completely new.

So what types of games does it contain?
Here’s Just a Sample of The Games

Inside 100 Sex Games For Couples…
  • A brand new way to play with a deck of cards that will bring about amazing climaxes
  • An exciting game that leads to lovemaking in new places around the house
  • A great child’s game with a slight change of the rules can be reused for incredible lovemaking possibilities
  • A game that begins at a restaurant and the sex actions are determined by what’s on the menu and what the waiter says
  • A guessing game that will have you burning with desire in just 10 minutes
  • A sex game that turns an ordinary, every day experience into 30 minutes of pulsating foreplay
  • Kings and Queens will have a whole new, erotic meaning with this game
  • A sex game that guarantees to stimulate your body in new and exciting ways whilekeeping your partner begging for more
  • Blindfolds and food always make for great lovemaking – this game puts new twists on the concept
  • Turn watching that football, basketball or baseball game into an erotic romp. Both of you will be cheering on the teams in a new and surprising way with this game
  • A twist on an old bar game that will bring burning passions to your loins – and everyone wins at this game
  • The lingerie game will have one of you begging for action by the time it is over
  • Play this ball game indoors which will guarantee to have him rock hard and throbbing by the time it is over
  • And much much more…