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Those Of Us Who Drink Wine Are Among The Happiest People Alive!

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Wine is best enjoyed in the company of loved ones, so wine drinkers know how to love and how to be loved. Wine people also know how to celebrate the little special things in life, and have an attitude of gratitude, turning everyday moments into something to cherish, and cultivating a sense of well-being.

Wine lovers know how to savor, which is the act of slowing down and enjoying what is right in front of you, using all your senses fully. People who drink wine do not need a lot to make them happy and tend to be less stressed out. They are connected to their sensual side, and crave touch, smell and taste, primal instincts which are easy to satisfy.


       From Mike Carraway
       Birmingham, Alabama

Over the last 20 years, Mike’s eBooks, videos, and seminars have shown thousands of people world wide how to make top quality wine at home using simple equipment and ingredients.

And – you can get started in the next 6 minutes!

Like many wine makers before you, you could spend thousands of dollars on how-to guides, chemicals, equipment, fruits, juices, grapes..

If you are truly ready to make real home-made wine, want it to be drinkable, want it to be appreciated by friends and family, want it to be award-winning…

You’re going to need a real, no-holds-barred Wine Making Course – written in plain English, and outlining every step you need to take to make the most amazing bottles of wine your palate has ever had the pleasure of savoring…

You need a Complete Home Winemaker’s Course  that’s step…by…step…

Welcome to the Inner Circle of 21st Century Home Winemakers

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine free fruit for homemade wine
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The Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine and the Winemaker’s Inner Circle describe and illustrate the simple step-by-step procedures for making perfect home-made wine. The best part is every guide is written in plain English without all the technical terms – written just like what you’re reading here – so it’s easy to understand and follow!

And to top it all off, you don’t have to wait weeks for delivery  – It’s ALL available right now for instant downloadable access! (everything is online and you can get it NOW)

Listen, I know how scary it can be to start that first batch. There are just so many unknowns to take into account, and you desperately want your wine to be drinkable after the effort and the money you’re going to put into it…

With so many different things that could go wrong – using the wrong yeast, adding too much (or too little) sugar, air getting into the batch – it can be positively mind-boggling trying to get that first batch perfect!

That’s why this member’s ONLY course on homemade winemaking lays everything out for you in an easy to follow, step-by-step process – and comes complete with pictures and video!

When you follow the guidelines in this course you won’t need to worry about whether you’ve missed a step, because you don’t have to worry about running into all the technical jargon found everywhere else!

Look at how simple the Winemaker’s Inner Circle makes it for you…

Inside you’ll learn:


Everything you need to get started including a complete introduction to wine making! Detailed explanations – in plain English – on fermentation, yeasts, racking, fining, bottling, and more. How to prepare your “must”, how to balance the nutrients, and more…

The 3 things you MUST add and & how to transform your homemade wine from tasty to incredibly delicious! The details on Malic acid, tannic acid, and citric acid are explained. From oaking to fortifier, to glycerin, you will discover the tricks of the trade to make YOUR WINE the best it can be!

Complete information on the common equipment to use along with their photos and where to get them…most of it’s free or can be made at home! The “inside secret” on one of the most important pieces of equipment… and where to get it – – FREE.

The “7 DEADLY SINS” of wine making and & precautions to stop them dead in their tracks. From Acetobacter (a bad nasty) to malolactic fermentation – you’ll learn it all.

168 Step-By-Step Recipes Of The BEST Wines! How to get FREE grapes and fruits to make unbelievable wines. The “not in the know” people actually BUY their fruits and grapes. You could do that – but why when you can get a FREE endless supply?

Comprehensive information on The Art Of Fermentation, Fermentation Aides, The Clearing Process, Sterilization, Nutrients you need, Enzymes you need, Storing Wine, Maturing, All About different Yeasts etc…!

As if this wasn’t enough…  

When you join us and start making wine today, you’re also going to receive all of the following:


Bonus #1
Apple wine, pear wine, dandelion wine, Jalapeno wine? There’s tons of home wine recipes that you are sure to enjoy trying out. Even more easy-to-make recipes for award-winning homemade wine. (a $19 value)
Bonus #2 Complete instructions on how to make Viking mead (this one is really fun!) – This secret Viking Mead recipe is not available to everyone. Passed down over the ages, this recipe is sure to delight your friends and family. You can taste and enjoy it at as part of the Inner Circle. (a $9.95 value)
Bonus #3   A complete resource guide on how to get the freshest fruit and grapes for your wines… and where to get them. (a $14.95 value)
Bonus #4 A complete instruction manual on how to make champagne and other sparkling wines. (a $17 value)
Bonus #5 A resource guide which shows you how to get your fruit absolutely free! (priceless)
Bonus #6      How to make HARD Cider – Isimplen this , step-by-step guide you’ll discover the exact way to make HARD cider. Apple cider is from freshly crushed apples. Hard Cider turns that apple juice into something REALLY delicious and heart warming! (a $24 value)
Bonus #7 Potential alcohol chart   Potential Alcohol chart – This revealing chart determines the percentage of alcohol even before you start. It works like MAGIC! It’s a must-have and you get it absolutely FREE. (priceless!)
Bonus #8   Determining and Controlling Acid Content Special Report – This report reveals how to determine and control acid content in your wine. Wine needs acid – BUT – it needs just the right amount. You can easily get it right the first time if you follow these simple directions. It’s sold in wine shops and bookstores for $17.95, but is yours free as a member of the Home Winemakers Inner Circle
Bonus #9   How to BUY DIRECT from California Vineyards – This report allows you to supercharge your homemade winemaking! This report reveals the secret sources of the finest grapes and juices you can have shipped right to your door! Take your winemaking to new heights with this FREE bonus. Go direct to the source and have Cabernets, Zinfandels, Pinots, Chardonnays and more shipped directly to YOU. (a $17 value)
Bonus #10   Private Access to the Winemaker Minute Coaching Video Series –  5 videos designed to show you how to make homemade wine using common household materials…($97 value)

With your membership to the Home Winemakers Inner Circle, you’ll receive immediate access to all of the above bonus material (yours to keep no matter what) practically guaranteeing that you’ll make perfect wine the first time!  And you’ll get instant notification and access to any new additions to the library and winemaking video series absolutely free.

Every month or so, you’ll receive new articles, e-books, and videos!  I’m always adding to the Inner Circle, you’ll receive an email notifying you what’s new. That way you can keep up with all of the up-to-the-minute home winemaking tips and tricks, recipes and resources we find for you!  If you really want to know how to make wine, the Inner Circle is your ticket.

Plus, you’ll be joining a world-wide community of people making wine at home just like you! Our member forum let’s you exchange recipes, ask questions, and get answers to any winemaking problems you might have.

You will also get Access to the 

Complete Video Wine making Course…

how to make wineVIDEO #1 – A Comprehensive overview of the wine making process.  This is the video that give you the “BIG picture”.  I even cover several hints and tricks that will almost guarantee your first batch will turn out perfect.
how to make wineVIDEO #2 – Equipment and Chemicals – I show you and detail each piece of wine making equipment, from racking canes to fermenters and corkers.  Then I show and explain each chemical, step by to make wineVIDEO #3 – Must preparation – this video covers the actualy mechanics of putting your juice together.  It’s all about getting the starting conditions right so that when you open that first bottle, you will be amazed at what you have created…how to make wineVIDEO #4 – Must Balancing and Sugar Inversion – how to get everything just right BEFORE you put your yeast in.  This is THE video that unlocks the inner secrets of making your own wine at home.  I even cover acid testing and balancing – EXTREMELY important and you won’t find this information anywhere else!how to make wineVIDEO #5 – Fermentation – let’s get that fermentation started!  In this video we’ll cover the starter mixture and the best ways to make sure your fermentation takes off with a bang.  No slow or stuck fermentations will haunt you if you just follow the steps in this video.

There’s just not enough room here to show you everything!  There’s VIDEO’s 6, 7, 8, and 9 and then there’s the entire “Winemaker Minute” video series (5 more videos!)… 

Everything you need to get started including a complete introduction to wine making can be found inside the Home Winemakers Inner Circle…

From detailed explanations on fermentation, yeasts, racking, fining and bottling; to How-To information on preparing your “must”, balancing your nutrients, and more!

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