Inspect A Used Car Before You Buy {ebook}

If You Are In The Market For A Used Car, Please Pay Attention To This!!

O.K. Now for all us non-mechanically inclined folks out there, who among us doesn’t get the cold, clammy feeling of dread at the thought of going to a used car lot and having to deal with the onslaught of used car salespeople just itching to unload a “previously owned” vehicle no matter what? Perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself and ended up with a lemon or a decent looking soon-to-be lemon. Perhaps you’ve only heard the horror stories, since they certainly are common enough. 

The sad fact is that unless we’re armed with the knowledge of WHAT and WHAT NOT to look for in a used car, we are in serious danger of being taken for a ride,(no pun intended) and no small ride either since we all know what cars cost and even a so-called bargain can turn out to be just a big old anger-inducing headache.

Seems like someone who knows what they’re doing should write a “Do It Yourself” guide to inspecting a used vehicle. GOOD NEWS FOLKS! SOMEONE DID! His name is Jerry Ellingson, ASE Certified Auto Technician, and he’s worked for years in the automotive industry as an auto technician. Here’s some of what he has to say about his must-have guide, “Inspect Before You Buy” eBook:



Inspect Before You Buy


In this eBook I will share with you the techniques I have learned over the years during countless used vehicle inspections I have performed for numerous car dealers

I know it can be very frustrating to shop for a used car. If you are like most people you don’t know everything there is to know about cars and you don’t care to. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest car dealers and private sellers who will use your lack of knowledge to their advantage. This eBook contains information that a lot of vehicle sellers would rather you didn’t have.

After reading this eBook, you will be armed with a greater knowledge and understanding of exactly what to look for, listen to, and even smell when you are inspecting a used car. You will be able to approach the seller with confidence knowing that you are capable of finding potential problems before handing over your hard-earned MONEY. In most cases you can use your findings as a bargaining tool to lower the price of the vehicle.

I have written this eBook with the average used car shopper in mind. I use language you can understand and I include photos to illustrate the various topics of discussion.

I’ve decided to practically give away my new eBook for only…


Wouldn’t you feel more confident about going to shop for a used car if you were armed with a wealth of practical knowledge about how to properly inspect one?

Image result for cartoon images of broken down cars Absolutely you would! Nobody wants to spend days or even weeks looking for a used car in their price range only to drive home and find that they overlooked a critical problem during their initial, (though amateur) inspection.

Image result for cartoon images of broken down cars


*Reveal hidden body repair work using a magnet

*Recognize a worn out engine by the smell of its exhaust

*Tell if an automatic transmission is worn out by the smell of the transmission fluid

*Spot poor front end alignment by inspecting the tread wear on the front tires

*Tell if a cooling system has had proper maintenance by looking at the color of the antifreeze/coolant

*Look at the engine oil and tell whether or not the engine has had regular oil changes

*And many more helpful techniques and tips!


*Live links to many of the top used car sales and information websites

*A printable comprehensive, detailed inspection checklist

*A complete automotive glossary of terms

And you can view this eBook on any device.

The crucial information you obtain from this eBook will give you the confidence and “know-how” which the salesperson you are dealing with will recognize, and it will give you the leverage to talk down the “asking price” to your “acceptable price”!