Cat Language Bible; How To Finally Speak Cat!

Breakthrough Japanese study shows that cats can understand
human emotions, even words

Dear cat parent,

Connection is a beautiful thing.

And if you haven’t been connecting with your cat by talking to him or her, now is the time to start.

My name is Jonas Jurgella and if I were a superhero, you’d have to call me The CatMan.

I’m an animal researcher and an Animal Behavior Specialist. I’ve worked with hundreds of cat owners to help build bonds through the power of language and conversation.

I’ve also been blessed to help lead the field in the ever-exciting area of animal-human interaction, both verbal and nonverbal, for over 14 years.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about something VERY special.

A new form of cat-to-human communication that
many cat owners have dreamed about…
but few have actually thought possible.

If all this appeals to YOU and YOUR Fabulous Feline, Click Here to watch the following video and get started with true communication with your Precious Pussycat!