Computer Repair Manual And Business Guide Ebook

Computer Repair Manual And Business Guide Ebook


Stop Paying $300-400 for Computer Repair!

{Fix Your Computer For ONLY $27}


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Let’s face it. When you happen to be put in the unfortunate position of having to have your computer repaired, you are pretty much at the mercy of the computer tech that answered the call. And nowadays, for most of us, it’s not just an inconvenience, but a major panic-inducing event since we rely on our PC’s for everything from bank statements to paying bills to running our online business to applying at the exact right time for that perfect job!

 And of course, you’re secretly wondering if the computer geek working on your machine REALLY knows what he’s doing, I mean, Yeah, he LOOKS enough like a geek but is he totally missing the obvious and just ACTING like he knows what’s going on? And if he really does know what’s going on, is he going to be honest with you about what needs to be done, or just take you for a ride like automobile repair shops do? Are computer techs trustworthy?

If I sound as if I know from whence I speak, it’s because I do. It’s happened to me before and [OH!] how I wish I’d had a manual to at least look the problem up before I called in the techs and felt helpless. The truth is, NOBODY likes it when their computer crashes, or malfunctions, or does something “other worldly” that means God only knows what! And when we find out what did happen and what all needs to be done, we can only CRINGE when we hear the repair costs.

I must admit, I HAVE wondered what it would be like to be able to fix my computer on my own…Or to help a friend having trouble. OR, to have my very own COMPUTER REPAIR BUSINESS, and not be at the mercy of anyone else working on my very special and precious PC!

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Start Making Money Fixing Computers!

ilmIT™ Computer Repair Manual and Business Guide e-book teaches you all the skills you need to have, all the software and hardware you need to possess to create the ultimate computer repair kit. Equipped with the right software, the right hardware and this ebook, you can start fixing computers TODAY! Yes it is easy and yes you can do it yourself!!

The Benefits For You With This Amazingly Useful Ebook Are…

*It’s great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users!

*Start making money fixing computers!

*Stop paying for computer repairs forever!

*Learn to fix computers in just 3 days!

*Start your very OWN computer repair business today!

Some Of The Things You Will Find In This Goldmine Of An Ebook…

More than 150 pages detailing every computer repair problem and easy to understand solutions. Now anyone can be a computer guru

The most common PC problems and how to troubleshoot and fix them

FREE software repair tools essential for any computer enthusiast. No need to pay for expensive software!

More than 130 screenshots to walk you through all the steps. You will see exactly what to click and what to type. It’s just like following a cookbook recipe.

How to create a bootable Windows Vista/Windows 7 installation setup USB flash drive

How to keep your PC running smoothly and at optimum capacity

Detailed photographs and images of the hardware components inside desktop and laptop computers so you can familiarize yourself and get comfortable working with computer hardware.

How to remove/replace/upgrade hardware on desktop and laptop computers

How to scan/repair/remove viruses, spyware, malware and unwanted files from your computer and make it work blazing fast

How to create a backup clone image of a hard drive and restore/browse the image later

How to run computer repair services ads on craigslist and start your computer repair business TODAY!

Detailed list of computer repair software and hardware required to fix computers

How to find the name of an unknown hardware device or install/update a hardware driver in the device manager

Covers all versions of Windows to make you a computer repair professional!

Buy the Computer Repair Manual and Business Guide ebook for just $27 TODAY! and receive a FREE BONUS ebook on how to clean and optimize your computer yourself ABSOLUTELY FREE. It is so easy to do, you will be amazed! You will never have to pay an arm and a leg for cleaning up and optimizing your computer ever again! Make your slow computer run blazingly fast now!