Beer Brewing Made Easy  How to brew your very own refreshing beer the easy way from the comforts of home!

Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals  Having a family, and providing foods that are healthy and helpful in burning fat can be quick, easy and a fun, family affair. Check this out!

FAT BURNING KITCHEN!  Looking to get the most out of life?  Well start with your FOOD… this will surprise you, and best of all there are so many ways to use food to fight the aging of time.             

How To Become A Vegetarian… and still enjoy beautiful food made quickly and easily.

Make Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes At Home!  Discover the secret recipes from your favorite restaurants and easily cook them at home yourself!

Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cookbook  Healthy Eating is part of Healthy Living.  We all need to focus on it, because it is a key part to a healthy and long life.  Here you can learn how to cook to increase metabolism, so you can get fat loss while you are eating.  Great for us all!        

The Home Winemaker’s Inner Circle  You can start making your own delicious wine from the comfort of your own home.

Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook  Quick and easy delicious recipes for people with diabetes