Definitive Guide To Swing Trading Stocks!

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 The Definitive Guide To Swing Trading Stocks is a complete swing trading course for those who actively trade. Do you know how much you need to trade, exactly what to trade, and how often to trade to make that kind of money {and more} each and every month? This course teaches students from all over the world exactly what they need to know to reap big profits in the stock trading world.

Kevin Brown, an independent full-time stock trader for over 20 years, is the creator of this ultra successful and proven guide,and reveals his most effective swing trading methods for extracting real profits from the markets on a regular basis. He demonstrates step-by-step how he does it, and how anyone else can do it too! 

If you’ve ever been approached by somebody trying to sell “insider trading secrets” you are not alone. But the truth is that there are not any “secrets” to profitable trading, there are only proven mathematical principles. If a proven approach is taken, the ability to consistently make money in the markets can be acquired. You will find that this is one of the most useful guides you will every need to further your successfully profitable trading education. To prove it, included in this all-encompassing offer are FREE CHAPTERS FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD!

What You Will Discover In This Course…

  • How many stocks to trade at any given time to maximize your portfolio and reduce risk. (page 87)
  • How to calculate a positive mathematical expectation for a trading system. (page 22)
  • Why the stock indexes are your friend and enemy at the same time. (page 86)
  • How to determine the optimum amount to risk per trade. (page 77)
  • How to identify the best stocks to watch for swing trading. (page 35)
  • How best to place entry/exit orders for the best executions. (page 20)
  • Exclusive disclosure of my Trading System Quadrant ™ which identifies how all trading systems will perform over time. (page 23)
  • Discover the underlying structure of all stock markets and learn how to project support/resistance levels well into the future with uncanny accuracy. (page 54)
  • Understand how to utilize multiple measurements to find the biggest movers. (page 33)
  • Revealing insight into why there are over 3 million combined variations by which you can analyze the same stock! (page 8)
  • Understand the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly business activities of trading (page 91)
  • Discover what is the single most important component for choosing a stock for swing trading. (page 35)
  • Learn by watching with the included tool video tutorials
  • Learn which software and brokers are best for swing trading. (page 94)

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