Do-It-Yourself Makeup Club



Wait, why would I want to make my own makeup when there is a plethora of makeup to choose from in stores everywhere and even online everywhere?

Do you know what is in the makeup you purchase? Did you know that makeup manufacturers can use the terms, “hypoallergenic” and “all-natural” for the products they make whatever goes into it? There are ingredients in today’s makeup that can be put into the category of “natural” since technically, they are a mineral of the earth. But they are also a heavy metal mineral and a major irritant causing redness, swelling and itching.

Well, that’s scary! Who wants a heavy metal irritant around their EYES? And I heard stories in college about how they test those products by dropping them into the eyes of little bunny rabbits to see if they cause symptoms. I thought that was just an urban legend.

No urban legend! And when you figure that the beauty industry can charge whatever it darn well pleases for eyeshadows because with the advertising promise of making women BEAUTIFUL, many of us swallow that line. I’ve known women who won’t purchase eye makeup unless it is extremely expensive, because if it’s extremely expensive, it must be natural, safe and will make them gorgeous.

Wow. It is true that I am sometimes shocked at the prices for a tiny tray of eye shadow. And lots of times when I remove my eye makeup at night my eyelids are red, swollen and itchy. Even when my eyes itch during the day, I suffer through it and don’t rub them so I won’t smudge my makeup. So there is an easy, inexpensive solution to this scary news?

It actually gets scarier. Surely you’ve heard by now of the link of Talcum Powder {Talc} to cancer and the many lawsuits associated with that link? Did you know that Talc is in most makeup?

Why Spend a Fortune on Toxic Makeup at the Store?
When You Can Make Safe, Pure Makeup  at Home for Pennies?

Why Put Garbage on Your Eyes and Risk Your Health, When You Can Make a New Eyeshadow in Less Than 1 Minute?

To answer your question, YES! There is an EASY, VERY INEXPENSIVE, and FUN solution!

Sure, you can continue to spend your hard-earned money on toxic makeup, mostly made in China, and hope for the best when you put it on your skin. Or you can decide to make your own makeup with these quick, easy and inexpensive formulas now!

“I started making cosmetics 10 years ago and selling them online. I’ve not only saved hundreds of dollars, but I know exactly what is in my makeup, because I made it myself! And you can make your own makeup too. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s better for your skin.”
Lorraine Pierce, CEO L.A. Minerals
Why you should make your own makeup at home
Year 2006: 
I was a rep for a “natural cosmetics” company. I put the word “natural” in quotations because “natural” is not an FDA regulated term. Manufacturers can use the term “natural” and “hypoallergenic” for any products they make, no matter what it has in it! 
(that was a scary revelation to me)

Swollen Eyes & Itchy Face

So, as a rep for the “natural” makeup company, of course I wanted to use their makeup and of course my mom did too. I was excited to try their mineral makeup, as I had never used mineral foundation before. After putting it on everyday for a week, I noticed a trend. When the temp heated up, my face started itching like crazy!  My mother had purchased some eyeshadows from the same company, and her eye lids turned red, and were almost swollen SHUT!Picture
I got worried and decided to examine and research every ingredient in the makeup that I had a reaction to, and the makeup my mom had a reaction to. I determined the likely irritant was an ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride. It’s “natural” per se, as it’s technically a mineral, but it is a HEAVY METAL that can cause redness, irritation, swelling and cystic acne.

So I threw the term “natural” in the garbage, along with their makeup. And I decided to start learning how to make my own cosmetics.

Now I Know What’s In My Makeup

Year 2007: 
 Wow! I’ve learned so much this past year! Working with lab formulators from major manufacturing companies is exciting yet daunting. Slowly I’m adding to my list of makeup recipes and testing them on live, human volunteers. It’s amazing how people are happy to try out my makeup formulas, when I tell them that the ingredients are simple and pure, and won’t cause reactions and breakouts, and that I worked with formularies of major cosmetic suppliers to come up with these makeup recipes. Picture

It’s Selling Like CRAZY!

Year 2008:   I’ve been so busy this past year. Not only do people love my eyeshadows, but they love the mineral foundation and other mineral makeup I formulated too! (happy dance).
They started asking to BUY my makeup!  So I decided to launch a makeup company.  Sales started out slow, but I managed to pull a profit the first year. By the end of the year, customers from around the world are ordering my makeup! Bloggers are writing to me all the time wanting to review my makeup.

OMG…I never realized what a demand there is for safe cosmetics.  And to think that anyone can make these simple recipes with very little supplies. Picture

Why Buy Makeup
When You Can Make Your Own?

Year 2017: It’s been 10 years now since I started making cosmetics. Sales are still great. But I’ve had so many requests from people to teach them how to make cosmetics. So I decided to produce a makeup recipe book so women can make their own makeup at home. Why not? Why should you keep buying from me when you can make a new eyeshadow in less than one minute? 
So here I am…with 10 years of formulating experience, writing a book to help every woman in the world create their own makeup at home! Picture

So I Decided To Put My Secrets of Handmade Cosmetics  Into a Little Beauty “Recipe Book” For Women



The  Book – Yay! 

So I thought long and hard about how I was going to sell my book. My MAIN DESIRE is to get this in the hands of EVERY WOMAN, inexpensively.

I decided that the way to do that was to NOT print it out right now, but deliver it as an eBOOK, since digital books are all the rave these days and people love them. I eliminated MOST of the costs…but still have to cover site hosting, and marketing. After juggling the numbers, I figured out I could offer “The DIY Makeup Club Vol 1” for less than you spend for 1 dinner.

So is your chance to get a copy ….. before the price goes up….before it goes to print.