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In this day and age, we are ALL consumers! Sure some of us consume more than others, but we all shop for our most fundamental to our most extravagant needs, whether in a grocery store, supercenter, department store or online,..etc.  And as consumers, we all have an opinion about the products we choose, and know the ones we prefer over the ones we don’t.

Most everyone has an opinion about something, and you know what they say about opinions, right? OPINIONS are like, {let’s say,} ANUSES. Everybody has one and everybody thinks everyone else’s stinks! But both big and small business companies think that your opinion does indeed matter very much to their company’s success or failure and very much want to know what that opinion IS.

That’s right folks. Your honest opinion can be a source of income for you. Everyday companies pay big bucks to consumers just like you to know what you’re thinking, how you shop, and why you buy certain products over others. As a matter of fact, they spend over 40 billion dollars every year for market research which basically helps them to decide whether a product is worth their money and time or not.

Well right now, there are hundreds of market research firms looking for average consumers to take surveys. If you’re a stay-at-home-mom, stay-at-home-dad, student, retired, or working full or part-time and looking for some extra cash on the side, this is a fun and easy way to do it!Image result for images of mother at the computerREGISTER NOW and you’ll have instant access to our members area which is updated regularly, so we always have the latest and best new companies to select from!Image result for images of old people on computerImage result for images of students on the computer

No Risk Involved

Your membership isn’t final until you’re satisfied. You can take up to 8 weeks to decide.

Survey Topic: Sample
Number of Questions: 15

1. Do you currently use any “Laundry Detergent”?
2. What form of detergent do you most commonly use?
 Liquid Detergent 
 Powder Detergent 
3. Approximately how many loads of laundry do you do per week?
 2 or less
 3 – 4 
 5 – 6>
 7 or more
4. Assuming you could put a price tag on the time, energy, chemicals and utilities you spend doing your laundry each week, how much do you think they’d be worth?
 Less than $10 
 $10 to $15 
 $15 to $20
 $20 & up 
5. Assuming someone else would do your laundry for you and do it well, would you be: 
 Don’t know
6. If someone else would do your laundry, would you:
 Prefer to take it to them 
 Prefer they picked it up and delivered it back
7Assuming someone else picked up your laundry each week and delivered it back clean and fresh and either folded or hung (just the way you like it); but you weren’t home when they did, would you prefer they: 
 Had a key to your house 
 Left it at your front or back door 
 Left it inside your garage 
 None of the above
8. Assuming someone else did your laundry each week, and assuming that pickup and delivery could be facilitated by having a secure, weather-tight and attractive Delivery Box (a locker-type box) located at the side or back of your home, could that be a workable arrangement? 
 Not Certain
9. Assuming a Delivery Box was workable, could you foresee using that box for the delivery of other types of garment services like dry cleaning & executive shirts?
10. How often do you purchase laundry detergent?
 Every week 
 Every two weeks
 Every two months
11. Where do you normally purchase your laundry detergent? 
 Department Store (ex.Walmart, Kmart) 
 Grocery Store (ex.Price Chopper, Hannaford)
 Convenience Store (ex.Cumberland Farms, Stewarts) 
12. What is the deciding factor when purchasing laundry detergent?
 Color Enhancement
13. How much do you spend on one item of laundry detergent?
 $10 or more
14. Does the appearance of the packaging that the laundry detergent comes in have anything to do with your choice of purchase?
15. Do discounts of other laundry detergents change your choice when buying?
 Yes, if another product is cheaper, I’d buy it.
 No, I buy the same detergent each time.
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