Phone Photography Tricks – Trick Photography With Your Iphone!

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Turn Your Smartphone Into A High-Quality DSLR That Takes Astoundingly Unique Photos Guaranteed To Amaze Everyone You Know!

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Phone Photography Tricks:

The Revolutionary Video Course That Shows You How To Capture Mind-Blowing Artistic Images Using Only Your Smartphone

Carl Hartman, Professional Yet Renegade Photographer Has Discovered These Amazingly Simple Secrets That Transform Your Smartphone Or iPhone Into A Digital-Single-Lens-Reflex Camera That Can Capture Jaw-Droppingly Awesome Photos That Will Blow Your Friends Away!


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Now you can take amazing photos like these on your smartphone camera. And the cool thing is, you don’t need an expensive DSLR… or even Photoshop!

Dear Friend,

If you would like to take mind-blowing photographs with your smartphone…

If you would like to dazzle and shock your friends with your shots…

If you would like to become a trick photography expert, almost overnight…

…Then this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Hi, name is Carl Hartman and I’m a professional photographer.

Some of my friends even claim that I’m a complete photography nut. But there’s been a recent change in photography technology that has really ticked me off. Here’s why…

For more than 25 years, I’ve been studying and mastering FX and trick photography.

Early in my career, I earned a mentorship with award-winning industrial photographer, Robert Thornton. I then became the editor and executive producer at Universal Studios and PBS for 12 years.

Later, I worked as the director for the live action sequences in the best-selling computer games, DOOM and Chess Wars. More recently, I won the “Best of the Best” award at PBS and the “Most Creative” award from US International Film and Video.

But thanks to some new technology, complete photography newbie’s can take photos almost as good as what I can do, and they can do it without spending thousands of dollars and months of time learning tricks of the trade.

See, when I was first starting out, the digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) was just invented. And it quickly became “all the rage” among serious photographers. I had to scrap together $1,200 to buy my first professional camera (Nikon D230 #).

With my new DSLR, I took breathtaking special effects shots I never even dreamed of taking with my old point-and-shoot camera. Some of my photos were so amazing that my friends refused to believe I took them, until I showed them the photos on my camera.

That was 20-some years ago. Today, things are completely different.

Technology has evolved at the speed of light. While many photographers still believe they need fancy-schmancy DSLRs to capture quality photos, the honest to goodness truth is you can actually…

“Transform” Your Smartphone Camera Into A High-End DSLR!  It’s True!!

As someone who has been living, sleeping and breathing photography his entire life, I can tell you….

I’m tired of seeing struggling photographers get beat down because they can’t fully grasp perplexing camera functions… or sit through hours of mind-numbing and boring lectures, or shell out the funds for any 6-week money-grubbing course.

I blame arrogant photo “gurus” who think they’re helping you out by offering professional photography lessons. But they’re actually scaring away new photographers with their lucrative prices and complicated instruction.

I’ve gotten so hot under the collar by this nonsense that I made it my personal mission to show everyone a much easier way to take breath taking photos…

  • Without using fancy lenses, lighting and other extravagant equipment…
  • Without needing any pricey classes and dull lectures…
  • And without dropping boo-coo bucks for a DSLR!

The truth is, if you own a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, whatever), then you already have everything you need to take create incredible photographs that will blow away you and your friends. Like These:


  • Breathtaking special effects using penlights and other, even more common, household items
  • Beautiful high dynamic range nature shots that look like this
  • Spectacular 360 degree panoramic shots that will amaze your friends
  • Photos that go “pop” just through tweaking the color settings on your regular camera.
  • Crystal clear rapid movement shots that look frozen in time.
  • Fantastic perspective photos with no software or extra tools.
  • Pictures that are filled with the invisible man.
  • Exquisite star trail long exposure shots.
  • Amazing self portrait tricks guaranteed to make you the most popular guy/girl on facebook!

  • Creative and vintage phone photography tricks for Tumblr.
  • How to make your pets look extra cute with these simple phone camera tricks
  • How to take mouth-watering food shots

In fact, the phone you already have can be an even better camera than some high-end DSLRs.

  • When you finally discover the secrets to trick photography and special effects on your smartphone, you’ll be able to……Master photography basics and “shortcut” your learning curve by at least 6 months……Instantly apply these tricks and techniques to the very next photo you snap –Many pros have paid thousands of dollars to learn these secrets… and absolutely hate revealing them at any cost!…

    …Skyrocket the activity on your Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr pages… and receive massive praise and recognition from other members on online photo-sharing communities!

    The good news is, this is all possible because I just put together a complete 20 video training course. You’ll discover how to improve your “regular” shots while you also become a trick photography pro!

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