The Scoring Academy – Basketball Training

    The Scoring Academy Is a Complete Ball Handling, Shooting and Finishing System!  

 Everything that is included in TSA is designed to make you a better player and is laid out in a step by step format for you to easily follow and improve.  Simply watch the videos, take the workouts to the gym, and apply them to skyrocket your game.

Gain Access To 6 Game Changing Programs

  • The Freshman Program

  • The Sophomore Program

  • The Junior Program

  • The Senior Program

  • The Overseas Pro Program

  • The NBA Program

    Whether you decide to access your workouts on your mobile device or wish to print out your workouts we have you covered!

    We offer 2 different ways to access your workouts.  Either download our “Easy Print” versions to print or put our more in depth digital versions on your mobile device.

    Either way, all you have to do is follow these workouts to level up your game!

    Over 60+ Videos Inside The Members Area!

    Join me in the gym where I will walk you through each drill in the program.

    Either watch the full video with all coaching points or if you’re in the middle of the workout…we offer quick-view videos as well that will show you how to execute the drill in half the time!   CLICK HERE