The Ultimate Bowling Guide

Bowling Is A Fun & Exciting Sport That Attracts Millions Of Participants Every Year For Lots Of Different Reasons!

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It’s challenging but Oh!-so-fun to learn. Virtually anyone can bowl and improve their game with practice while having fun with friends or family, or both! 

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Bowling is very inexpensive and you don’t need to buy any special equipment to play. Everything you need is part of the Bowling Alley Experience! You just bring your own fun-loving or competitive-yet-fun-loving group and prepare for an evening of excitement and laughs, while learning to better your game with practice and experience.


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Need to get out of the house, relax, have fun and get some marvelous health benefits while improving your game? Bowling is a great way to unwind, burn calories and work a variety of muscle groups that aren’t normally used in a day at the office. Many people visit the bowling alley for some alone-time-therapy while getting a good aerobic workout, blowing off steam, and practicing their stance & technique.


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Bowling is a very versatile sport and can range from a fun and relaxing social gathering to fierce competition. League and tournament bowlers regularly take to the lanes and duke it out in high stakes matches for various prizes and awards.

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No matter what your goals are, bowling is much more enjoyable when you take the time to learn how to do it the right way.

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As With Any Sport, You Can Maximize Your Enjoyment By Learning To Bowl Better!


Discover the Secret for Throwing More Strikes,
Picking Up “Impossible” Spares… & Humiliating
Your Bowling Buddies 
Frame After Frame!  

By Dean Shaw

Just the other day.. a fellow from the Midwest sent me an email. He said, “Dean, can you tell me how to improve my bowling game? Every time I go out with my buddies, I seem to come in last. Is there anything an average player like me can do?”

The good news is, there are a few simple “tweaks” any bowler can use to instantly tack on 20, 30, even 50 or more points a game. And it doesn’t take that much effort.

Get this…

There are five “dirty little secrets” among professional bowlers… secrets that no amateur ever learns on their own… and the pro’s like it that way.

These five “dirty little secrets” are extremely simple to master (once they are revealed to you)… and yet they INSTANTLY allow you (no matter how butt ugly you think your game is right now) to “lock into” your own personal “Perfect Shot”. Which means on your very next game, you will:

  • Add 25 to 45+ pins to your game…

  • Convert the toughest spares and “unmakable” splits into a one-two punch of sure-shot winners…

  • Turn lane conditions into pure, accurate pin action (giving you a dozen new strike opportunities) and…

  • Put you instantly inside the same “Bagger Zone” the best pro’s use, to play the most stablestress-free and deadly accurate game you are humanly capable of!

The best part is, all you need to do is make a few simple adjustments (which I’ll tell you about in a moment) and to know what these five “dirty little secrets” to incredible bowling are.

How can this be? How can you not transform your game… and suddenly — and I do mean SUDDENLY — start playing like the top pro’s at their peak?

Actually, it’s very simple. Much more simple than you could ever imagine.

You see… you ALREADY have the goods when it comes to bowling the best game you’re capable of… just not WHEN IT COUNTS.

You heard right. You’re “blowing your wad” on your PRACTICE THROWS, if you’re like 99% of the amateur bowlers in the world. And you’re leaving your best game behind. And going out on the lanes with the WORST game you have.

Let me explain.

If you’re like most bowlers, you like to warm up with a few frames before you start a game, right? At the very least, you get to the lanes every once in a while to “practice”. Everyone who takes their game seriously does this. I know I do.

The professionals spend a little time practicing, too. Throwing ball after ball.

But the pro’s do something DIFFERENT than you do. Unlike you (and every other amateur in the world)…

The Pro Knows How To “Capture” His Best Shot
During The Warm-Up… And Bring It With Him To The Game!

Amateurs, on the other hand, LEAVE their best shot behind. Let me explain: There you are on your lane, warming up and testing the lane conditions, launching a fairly-decent hook, getting a strike here and there, maybe missing an occasional spare, setting up again and correcting your lift, launching another pretty damn good shot…

Wait a second. Stop right there. The difference between you and a top professional just went right by you.While you threw a strike, admired it, and then set up your next shot, the professional used his five “dirty little secrets”… and…

“Locked” That Breathtaking Shot
Into His Body, Where He Could Bring It Back At Will,
In The Game Where It Would Count The Most!

That’s what separates the professionals from the amateurs.

The professional “captures” every perfect shot he throws, and stores it in his system, where he can find it again when he’s playing “for real.” And he shakes off the bad shots, leaving them behind where they will never hurt him.

You, however, blow right past the few perfect shots you throw practicing, not storing them at all, and thus you can’t find them when it counts. Those great shots you launch on the practice lane are lost forever. Even more depressing… there’s a 90% chance the shots you do throw in the game will be among your WORST! Because, you’ve done EVERYTHING WRONG at the warm-up.

And what’s really frustrating is you don’t even know you’re doing it… because these five little secrets are NEVER discovered by amateurs! They’re the secrets that separate the guys who can make a living off the game, and everyone else who can’t buy a break.

And… just like most things that are so simple they get completely overlooked… no one has really understood how these secrets work before. Not the professionals. Not the teachers of the game. Nobody.

Until now. You know, every time I go to bowl a game, I bless John Jowdy. Because he alone has studied the game scientifically… actually coached the professionals for years and years (Parker Bohn calls him one of the best coaches the PBA Tour has ever known)… and is ALONE among professionals in his willingness to see the game the way the amateur needs to see it. John reveals the secrets the other professionals refuse to admit are even there.

These five “dirty little secrets” of the professionals will change your game forever

And Do It
Literally Overnight!

If I could just explain it all to you, I would right here. But you have to TRY these five secrets for yourself to “get” them. You have to make them a part of yourself… an extension of your game. You need to OWN them. So we put together a comprehensive guide explaining everything — literally everything — you need to know. (I convinced my partners here to sink a few bucks into the guide — even though we’ll never make our money back, because there are just too few guys like you savvy enough to understand how important this stuff really is!)

What about the simple adjustments I mentioned?

That’s how you’ll cold-cock the competition every time. Even on a “bad” day. Especially on a bad day. Here’s what I mean:

The key to playing like a pro is pinpointing opportunities… and EXPLOITING them… before your opponents take you down like a wounded duck.

Let’s face it. You are going to have games where you’re not playing your best. For whatever reason, your regular game plan won’t be working for you. This is where these slight adjustments–your backup plan–kicks in.

It’s the difference between the winner and runner-up. On a bad day, it’s also the difference between bowling respectably and coming in dead last.

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