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The 10 Incredible Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does my cat love me as much as I love my cat?” I used to wonder, until I came across “The 10 Incredible Ways Your Cat Shows You Love” by Phil Mutz. These messages your feline friend gives you are all about LOVE. I’m happy to say that my precious “Moonpie” practices all of these methods regularly. Before I got my beloved cat three years ago, {I found him in a mud puddle when he was a kitten} I always thought I was a dog person. Well, now I can’t believe how much one person can love one pussycat! Doggie Love is obvious of course, the waggy tail, the barking and playing, the licking tongue, the doing tricks. Cat love and affection is more subtle, so check out these ways your cat shows you love. After all, love is the most powerful force in the Universe and we all need all the love we can get, so become aware of the ways your fabulous feline shows you that he does indeed, love you as much as you love him!     CLICK HERE!

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Total Money Magnetism: Live your Destiny

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