Answers To Raising Chickens

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Backyard chicken-keeping is becoming more and more popular all across the United States and for good reason! Actually, MANY good reasons. When I first considered it, it didn’t seem worth it to have big flapping birds in my backyard clucking away and pooping everywhere. Boy was I wrong. Turns out it is a fun, educational, productive, and VERY worthwhile endeavor that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Fresh Eggs 

The #1 reason people have hens. Fresh eggs are amazingly rich in flavor appearance and texture. The yolk is vibrantly orange and the white is thick and jello-like, never runny. They make the best poached eggs!

Your Family Learns Where Food Comes From

Along the same lines as growing your own tomatoes and squash and other vegetables, you can teach your children that food doesn’t really come from the grocery store. Having backyard chickens is very cool because your kids will actually see an egg being laid and will be able to carry that fresh warm egg into the house. You may see your children kneel down to pet one of the hens and thank them for the egg. What a great lesson about respecting the animals that provide us with food!

Caring For Chickens Is Easy

Once your backyard flock is established, daily chicken care is minimal. Just like your other pets, chickens need food and water, a clean shelter, and exercise. Your biggest time investment will come at the beginning, when you are building your coop and preparing for your flock. After that, you might only spend 10 minutes a day making sure your hens have plenty of food and water, throwing out scraps for them to snack on, and checking for eggs.

Pest Control; Chickens Will Eat Your Bugs

Hunting for bugs is a chicken’s favorite thing to do! All the livelong day they forage for tasty treats like caterpillars, grasshoppers, slugs, ticks, worms, fly eggs and pupae, weevils, spiders, snails, centipedes, termites, even scorpions. If you consider it a pest, your hens will consider it a meal.

Excellent Fertilizer

Chicken poop is full of nitrogen and consequently makes for superior fertilizer. Your backyard will look amazing! Chicken poop can even have benefits you’d never imagine. One day while cleaning up the backyard, I noticed what I thought was a weed popping up in the middle of my rock garden. When I went to yank it out, I realized that it was a tomato plant! One of the chickens, after enjoying some leftover tomatoes, had pooped out the seeds and planted tomatoes.

Entertainment Value

Chickens are fascinating and so entertaining. Just like any other animal, they all have their own “personalities” and quirky behaviors. Some are quiet and some are chatty. They will definitely make you laugh. Also like any other animal they are beautiful in their own way. There are so many different breeds available, and you can get some really cool looking chickens!


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