Dirty Talk Secrets

Author Michael Webb as featured in…
How To Immediately Captivate and Arouse a Lover with These Few Powerful Words

 HI! My name is Samantha and I wanted to learn to talk dirty to please my lover but I was too embarrassed to do it! {Am I the only one who notices that the word “embarrass” has bare ass in it? Is that its origin?!}

All you ladies out there who’ve ever wanted to Talk Dirty to your lover but felt incompetent or just plain stupid doing it, I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it, because there is an ART to it, and it can be oh!- so- FUN for both you and your lover!

Michael Webb is the “go to guy” for any couple regarding lovemaking. Whether introducing a spark to a newly kindled romance or adding that spark to the dying embers of an old flame, Michael Webb knows how to spice up the bedroom and keep the home fires burning.

Dirty Talk is something I always wanted to do to please my lover because he is very much into it, but I always felt silly and like ifcouldn’t feel the sexiness of it, how could I make I make him feel it. I did find it easier at first to start texting my dirty talk messages, but that only excited him and made him hungrier for more talking dirty in the bedroom!Image result for images of her whispering in his ear

 Well, as I said, there is a wonderful art to it, so don’t miss out on the delights of Dirty Talk and introducing them, {or RE-introducing them} to your relationship!

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